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APIXEL is the T-shirt printing brand under Flipflop Production. It was born in 2008 in Hong Kong, concentrating mainly on developing and providing heat transfer products to the local shirt printing factories. As the market evolves, APIXEL was created, with a simple vision of providing a more direct channel for personalised clothing printing service that enables our customers to express both their creativity and depth of love to their love ones.


APIXEL makes customised shirt printing easy. With our broad range of services, from advanced direct-to-garment printing to the more traditional screen printing, we guarantee our customers with the best solution to their needs. This is not simply because we understand every customer has their unique ideas and requirements, but also because WE DO CARE!


Whether you are looking for an one-off customised t-shirt for personal pleasure, or some promotional clothing for your next big marketing campaign, APIXEL can help you. Get in touch today for a chat about how to put your ideas into something wearable and memorable.

APIXEL是Flipflop Production旗下的印衫服務品牌。2008年於香港成立之初,為了配合本地一些對時間及質量上有所要求的印衫公司,而專注研製了一系列熱轉印燙畫產品。其後隨着市場變化,本着能直接為更多客戶提供個性化T Shirt印刷平台的理念,推出了APIXEL品牌,讓他們能好好地發揮創意之餘,也為他們身邊的人增加一份額外心意。





 A PIXEL – Hong Kong-based shirt printing shop specialises 

 in screen printing, heat transfer, DTG & embroidery 


訂製tee、繡花Polo衫、個性化衛衣, 定係印班tee,提供印衫服務,為香港多個機構、各大院校訂造各類團體衫或私人訂製
訂製tee、繡花Polo衫、個性化衛衣, 定係印班tee,提供印衫服務,為香港多個機構、各大院校訂造各類團體衫或私人訂製
訂製tee、繡花Polo衫、個性化衛衣, 定係印班tee,提供印衫服務,為香港多個機構、各大院校訂造各類團體衫或私人訂製

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Room H31, 1/F

Kwai Shing Ind. Building, Phase 2

42-46 Tai Lin Pai Road

Kwai Chung, Hong Kong




Tel 電話:  +852 6292 1208

Fax 傳真:  +852 3020 8671

WhatsApp: +852 9885 0507

E-mail 電郵:

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