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You Design We Print your T-shirt
It’s that Simple
你的設計 我們印製 容易又簡單 

印衫要幾錢? 訂製tee、繡花Polo衫、個性化衛衣, 定係印班tee,提供印衫服務,為香港多個機構、各大院校訂造各類團體衫或私人訂製
印T-shirt、印Polo、印衞衣或是印快乾衫?訂製tee、繡花Polo衫、個性化衛衣, 定係印班tee,提供印衫服務,為香港多個機構、各大院校訂造各類團體衫或私人訂製
1) Quotation | Talk to us

Tell us what you want to print: print tee, print polo shirt, print sweater or print dry-fit sport shirt? In what quantity? What are your images? When do you want it be done? We can quickly give you a quotation once we have all these details.


You can choose shirt styles, colour, sizes in Our Collection section from our website. We also provide print service on your bring-in shirts or garments. Simply tell us the fabric it made of, your images and quantity, we will suggest the best printing solution for you.

1) 查詢價錢 | 講你所想

印衫需要幾錢? 告訴我們你想印什麼吧。印T-shirt、印Polo、印衞衣或是印快乾衫? 印多少數量?印什麼圖案?印什麼位置?幾時想完成?有咗呢啲基本資料我們就可以好快計算價錢供你參考。


你可以在我們的現貨產品系列​裡,揀印衫款,揀顏色、尺碼。你亦可以提供自來衫給我們加印圖案或加印logo,提供面料資料、圖案大細及數量, 我們就會為你建議最適合的印刷方法。

自訂設計印T-shirt,訂製tee、繡花Polo衫、個性化衛衣, 定係印班tee,提供印衫服務,為香港多個機構、各大院校訂造各類團體衫或私人訂製
訂製tee、繡花Polo衫、個性化衛衣, 定係印班tee,提供印衫服務,為香港多個機構、各大院校訂造各類團體衫或私人訂製
2) Design your tee I Print what you want

Your own designs, logos, or photos can all be printed on T-shirts, just send them in PDF, PSD, AI or PNG. Our design team can even help you with simple hand drawings and modify them to your liking. 

2) 自訂設計 I 印你所想


3) You OK l We print

Confirm our quotation and make payment after receiving our invoice and mock-up image, then our production team is ready to start printing. Depending on the quantity and needs, finished tees can be delivered around 3 days. 

3) 你OK l 我們印衫


Your design and we'll print it on demand!

Fast delivery, No minimum required, Contact us Today 

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