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 File upload 



 File format & guides 

Our service requires that you provide correctly sized and formatted artwork. Below you will find information about size, resolution, file format and tips on preparing your artwork. Incorrectly formatted artwork may result in delays in order processing.

Color Profile

  • All artworks are printed in CMYK mode. Incorrect colour mode may result in colour shifting.

  • As much as we would like to reproduce the best colour for you, it is natural to have a slight difference in colour and vibrancy between the image you see on screen or paper printout and the one we print since the ink will interact differently with different substrates.


Print File Types

Adobe Illustrator (AI), JPEG, PSD, PNG*. Make sure all files are single layered with outlined fonts.

*PNG files are accepted but they can’t be saved in CMYK so there can be some colour shifting when we convert them to CMYK before printing.


  • All artworks are printed at 300 DPI. Although 200 DPI can be considered as acceptable, for best result, 300 DPI is preferred.

  • All artworks should be in 100% size. We are not responsible for low quality or incorrectly sized submitted artworks.

  • Images downloaded from Internet are usually for screen viewing only, they can't be used as high quality artwork and may result in pixelation.

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint files are not printable. Re-creating artworks will be charged at HK$350 each.

Artwork services
We expect our clients to provide print-ready images formatted to be printed. Artworks that require die-cutting (for heat transfer) should be provided, HK$20 will be charged as artwork fee for each graphic.








  • 所有稿件會以CMYK模式打印。使用錯誤模式會導致色差。

  • 我們會盡力打印出理想的顏色,但打印油墨在不同的物質上會有不同反應,色彩和光亮度與屏幕或紙張相比會有差異。


Adobe Illustrator (AI), JPEG, PSD, PNG*。檔案應只包含單一圖層,字體應已建立外框




  • 稿件應包含300 DPI解像度。雖然一些情況下200 DPI免強可以,但想達到最佳效果,我們還是建議以300 DPI來作稿。

  • 稿件尺寸應為100%原大,我們不會因稿件放大後導至不理想的效果而負責。

  • 一般而言,從網上下載的圖像是沒有足夠解像度用作高質打印,有機會矇糊不清,或會出現格仔。

  • Word、Excel、Powerpoint等檔案不可直接印刷。需重新做稿,排板費為每個HK$350。




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